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Rubber Accelerator DPG

Rubber Accelerator DPG is used as a secondary accelerator with thiazoles and sulphenamides in NR and SBR compounds.

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    Rubber Accelerator DPG

    Chemical Name: Diphenyl guanidin
    Molecular Formula: C13H13N3
    Molecular Weight: 211.27



    Grey white granule

    Reduction at heating,%,max


    Melting point ℃Min:


    Ash content, %,max



    0.0(only for powder)

    Oil content %

    1.0-2.0(Only for oil powder)

    Typical Properties 

    Rubber Accelerator DPG is Grayish-white powder. No taste, no poison. Densiy is 1.08-1.19. Soluble in acetone, ethyl acetate, benzene, alcohol, slightly soluble in CCl4; Insoluble in water and gasoline.

    Recommended Applications

    Accelerator DPG is used as a secondary accelerator with thiazoles and sulphenamides in NR and SBR compounds. Exhibits better storage stability compared to thiuram and dithiocarbamates but is not so active. It can be used in latex as secondary gelling agent (foam stabilizer) in the silica-fluorides foam process.

    Rubber Accelerator DPG   China Rubber Accelerator DPG supplier


    The Rubber Accelerator DPG should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation and should be avoiding hot and sunshine. 

    Usually the shelf time is 12 months while the recommend use of date is 6 months.


    25kg in kraft paper bag with PE bag inside, or 25kg in plastic woven bag with PE bag inside,or as customer’s request.

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