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Modified Tackifying Resin

Modified Tackifying Resin

Modified Tackifying Resin homodisperse and to get the best viscosity-promoting effectiveness. It can save the use level of processing oil to a certain degree.

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    Modified Tackifying Resin is black green flake or granule, synthesized by formaldehyde, modilying agent, active agent and paras-bstituted alkyphenols which have different number of carbon atom in the ailyl groups.





    Dark green flake or granule

    Softening range, ℃


    Ash   %≤


    Heating loss   %≤


    The softening point may be controlled according to user’s demand


    Corresponding to the resin Koresin(Germany Basf).  Comparing to the CKM-A, this Modified Tackifying Resin has the characteristics of long-term effective, nice moisture stability and high viscosity-promoting ability. It’s viscosity-promoting ability is similar to para-tertbutylphenolaceylene resin and superior to para-tert-butylphenol( or para-tert-octylphenol) fprmaldehyde resin.

    This China Modified Tackifying Resin should be added under the temperature higher than its'softening point in the early period of mixing, to ensur it  homodisperse and to get the best viscosity-promoting effectiveness. It can save the use level of processing oil to a certain degree. The recommended dosage is 2-5 phr

    Modified Tackifying Resin  Modified Tackifying Resin supplier

    China Modified Tackifying Resin manufacturer


    Kept in dry and ventilating place, protected from heat and fire, the storage life is 18 months. The products that exceed storage life and qualified can be used


    Packed in knitted bags lined with a layer of kraft paper bag and a layer of plastic bag. The netweight is 25kg per bag.

    Modified Tackifying Resin factory China Modified Tackifying Resin plant


    Q1. How about your delivery time?
    A: Usually within10 to 15 days after the receipt of your prepayment and L/C.

    Q2. How about your service?

    A:We provide 24 hours service, whenever you need, we will always here with you.

    Q3:What is the minimum order?

    A:There is no limit, according to your requirements.

    Q4:Is this price your real price?

    A:Yes, but the price is floating, i suggest you contact us before you place an order 

    Q5:Is possible to visit your factory?

    A: Yes, welcome to visit our factory anytime.

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